A Culture of Growth

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From the very start over 90 years ago, Mulcahy has been committed to hiring the best people and investing in the professional development and growth of our team. When you have the right people, with drive, integrity, and old-fashioned good work ethic, promoting and filling positions from within is a no-brainer. Some new and some familiar faces have moved into new positions within the Mulcahy team.

Nick Davis accepted the position of Cooling Tower Sales Specialist. He joins Bob Falk, Guillermo Arias, and Joel Cleveland to promote aftermarket and new tower business to owners and contractors. His tenacity and spirit will bring great energy to the former and his existing relationships with contractors will help us reestablish our BAC business with the latter.

Matt Svihel joins Mulcahy in the Technical Sales group. Matt has an associate degree in Heating and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology from Dunwoody. He spent the last three years working with consulting engineers doing design work in HVAC systems. He has a strong desire to learn and grow, and a clear career trajectory.

Ray Stewart will be joining the Mulcahy warehouse team. Ray, a Savage, MN native, lives with his wife and two children in his childhood home. He’s extremely driven to learn and spends time researching things that interest him. He has a strong background as a small- and large-engine mechanic and pours himself into his work.

Sam Thotland has begun his transition to customer service after working two years in the warehouse.  This will allow Steve Dahl to focus on his move to the variable frequency drive sales team.


Xcel Energy Rebate Program

Minnesota utilities are required to give customers rebates to encourage the installation and retrofit of high-efficiency equipment. The rebates are available for a wide range of appliances and fall into two categories—prescriptive or custom.

Prescriptive rebates are primarily for a piece of equipment and given for specific performance metrics. For example, a building owner can receive a $1,250 rebate for installing a 15hp variable frequency drive. Such rebates are applied after the equipment is installed and running.

Custom rebates cover everything not covered by a utility’s prescriptive programs, such as design and installation changes that might cost more but produce energy savings. The rebate is based on the projected savings over a full calendar year of operation and is negotiated and approved prior to construction.

One of the newest prescriptive rebate programs by Xcel Energy now available now available to Minnesota customers is for clean water pumps used in commercial HVAC, domestic water, irrigation, industrial, and municipal applications. Pumps that meet the Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating (HIER) program are eligible for a rebate of up to $165/hp. Rebates vary by type of application and how much the Pump Energy Index (PEI) exceeds the Department of Energy efficiency standards. Soon, pumps will be required to have a PEI of 1.00 or lower in order to be sold in the United States. A pump with a lower PEI is more efficient. A PEI of 1.00 is like par on a golf course—lower than par is better.

The program rewards users more for the installation of a variable speed pump vs. a constant speed pump. The pump supplier should apply for the rebate online after the pump system is installed and running.

Most Bell & Gossett pumps qualify for the rebates and are already listed in the public database available for end users to reference. Many qualify for the highest rebates available.

Bell & Gossett and its parent company, Xylem, has worked extensively to improve their product efficiency and Mulcahy Company  is a proud partner. Please contact us if you have any  questions about how we can help you take advantage of this new program.

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